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Application of Acrel Wireless Temperature Measuring Product in Power Distribution Project of Building Construction in Egypt



Necessity of temperature measurement at electrical contacts

The primary system of a power system is generally composed of power supply lines(including overhead lines and cables), transformers, busbars, switchgear and other electrical equipment. There are a large number of electrical connection points between them, and almost all electrical faults will cause the temperature change of the fault point due to the current flowing through it and generating heat. For example, overheating is a sign of large accidents and a major disaster area, such as overhead line connection, cable joint, cable middle connection, cable laying bend, partial discharge of high-voltage cable, dynamic and static contact of high-voltage switch cabinet and other connections, and low-voltage electrical connection.



Current Status

For many years, due to the limitations of the technical level, although infrared thermometer, infrared imager, temperature sensing cable, traditional point-type temperature measurement system have been used to solve the above problems, but can not achieve the switch cabinet such as circuit breaker, the connection point and contact temperature measurement. At present, domestic electric temperature measurement mainly uses infrared point measuring instrument and optical fiber temperature measuring instrument. However, the on-line method cannot solve the problem of high-voltage insulation, so the electrical equipment with limited space, such as the contact of high-voltage switch, basically operates in a completely unmonitored state, with major safety hazards.

3.项目背景信息 Project background information

国内一家专业提供工业+AI 解决方案的公司,从埃及当地一家成套厂了解到,他们有个房建项目,配电间开关柜需要安装无线测温产品。该公司从网上找到了安科瑞,目前先做一套演示柜,测量柜内电气节点温度,由于没有启动电流,选择我司带电池无线测温传感器ATE200二代,搭配接收器ATC450-C,并且在柜子上做一个本地显示。

Project background information

A domestic company specializing in industrial and AI solutions learned from a electrical complete plant in Egypt that they had a building construction project recently. The switchgear in the distribution room needs to be installed with wireless temperature measurement products. The company has found Acrel from the Internet. At present, they first need to make a set of demonstration cabinet to measure the temperature of the electric contact in the cabinet. Since there is no starting current, we will choose the second generation of wireless temperature sensor battery powered ATE200, with receiver ATC450-C, and make a local display on the cabinet.   





Advantages of wireless temperature measurement products

In recent years, wireless temperature measurement products began to appear. The temperature sensor with built-in battery and wireless transmitter module is installed at each temperature measuring point. Due to its small size and no wiring, its electrical safety is guaranteed. The sensor periodically sends the temperature data wirelessly to the receiving unit, which sends the data to the receiving unit.

For the temperature detection of electrical equipment in the distribution room, the scheme of centralized reception and display is adopted, which greatly reduces the engineering installation workload and shortens the installation time, making it convenient to realize the temperature measurement transformation of important substation, and also has the same advantage for the construction of new stations.

Wireless temperature measurement products meet the demand of real-time temperature measurement at switch cabinet contacts in the distribution room, and have obvious advantages in reducing investment, engineering installation, maintenance labor and cost. The implementation of this project can effectively improve the safe and reliable operation level of the power supply system and reduce power failure, which is of great significance to ensure the normal production and reduce the loss caused by accidents.

5.本展示柜用到的产品 Products used in this display cabinet


Battery-powered wireless temperature sensor


  Sensor installed in a heating area that collects temperature and transmits it wirelessly.


(2)接收单元Receiving unit

(3)显示单元Displaying unit

6.典型应用Typical Application 


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