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安科瑞 陈聪

 Application of wireless temperature measurement products in low-voltage swtichgear in Singpore 


Abstract: Temperature is an important parameter that characterizes the normal operation of electric primary equipment. With the rapid increase in power consumption, in order to meet the demand for electricity, high and low voltage equipment such as switch cabinets in substations are operating online for a long time. Overload operation will cause heating and overheating of primary equipment. This phenomenon is especially true in areas with fast load growth. universal. If these situations are not monitored and dealt with in time, unpredictable accidents will occur. Through real-time monitoring of the temperature of the switchgear, the operating conditions of the switchgear can be known, and the integration of power grid information resources can provide a strong basis for condition maintenance. Therefore, safe temperature monitoring and intelligent control are very necessary.


Keywords: Wireless temperature sensor, wireless temperature monitoring system, 433Mhz wireless temperature sensor

1.项目概述 Project Overview


A Singapore customer is a complete company for low- and medium-voltage electrical cabinets and is very interested in wireless temperature measurement products. He chose our company's ATE400 CT induction power sensor, and used ATC450 transceivers to connect to the touchscreen. In the future, it plans to upload to the cloud platform through the 4G gateway. system. Effectively monitor overheating faults to avoid potential safety hazards.

2.无线测温产品介绍Introduction of Wireless Temperature Measurement Product


Acrel on-line temperature measurement device is suitable for the temperature detection of high and low voltage switches, circuit breaker contacts, high voltage cable middle heads, low voltage and high current equipment, to prevent contact caused by oxidation, loosening and other factors during operation Excessive contact resistance and heat generation become a safety hazard, timely, continuous and accurate reflection of equipment operating status, and equipment safety. 

3.无线测温系统特点 Features of Wireless Temperature Monitoring System





(1) The wireless temperature measurement module is safe and reliable, and easy to install and maintain. It is suitable for temperature monitoring at the high voltage and high current contacts of the middle switch. The structure of the device under test does not need to be changed.

(2) The entire wireless temperature measurement system can communicate wirelessly, and the signal transmission is convenient.

(3) The wireless temperature measurement system has strong anti-interference ability, and its anti-interference ability against pulse interference, fast transient interference, electrostatic radiation, electromagnetic field radiation, etc. has reached the national four-level standard, and the operation of the equipment does not affect the opening and closing of the medium voltage switch Operation and protection device actions.

(4) Application in industry (coal, steel, petroleum, chemical), power plants, schools, hospitals, municipal construction, transportation facilities (airports, railway stations), commercial buildings, convention and exhibition centers, photovoltaic power generation, new energy and other fields.

4.无线测温解决方案 Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solution

4.1 测温传感器 Wireless temperature sensor

4.1.1 CT感应取电无线测温传感器 Wireless temperature sensor by CT sensing  


·Small size;

·Wireless transmit;

·Wireless transmission distance, 150 meters;

·Fase sampling frequency,15s;

·CT-powered, more than 5A starting current;

·Widely temperature measuring range, -40℃~125℃.

4.1.2电池供电型无线测温传感器 Wireless temperature sensor powered by battery

1) ATE200

·Wireless transmit;

·Wireless transmission distance, 150m;

·Fase sampling frequency, 25s;

·Battery -powered, more than 5 years;

·Widely temperature measuring range, -40℃~125℃.


·Wireless transmit;

·Wireless transmission distance, 150m;

·Fase sampling frequency, 25s;

·Battery -powered, more than 5 years;

·Widely temperature measuring range, -40℃~125℃.


·Wireless transmit;

·Wireless transmission distance, 150m;

·Fase sampling frequency, 25s;

·Battery -powered, more than 5 years;

·Widely temperature measuring range, -40℃~125℃.

4.2 采集/显示终端 Receiver/Display Unit

4.2.1 接收单元 Receiver


·Wireless transceiver;

·Maximum measuring 240 points;

·1 RS485 serial communication, Modbus-RTU;

·2 alarm relays;

·Power supply adapt with AC/DC220V, AC/DC110V.


·Wireless transceiver;

·Maximum measuring 60 points;

·1 RS485 serial communication, Modbus-RTU;

·Power supply adapt with DC24V

4.2.2 显示单元 Display Unit

1) ARTM-Pn

·Wireless temperature measurement, maximum measuring 60 points;

·U, I, P, Q, f, Ep, Eq measurement;

·4 digital inputs;

·2 alarm relays;

·LCD display;

·Power supply adapt with AC220V, DC220V, DC110V, AC110V;

·1 RS485 serial communication, Modbus-RTU.

5.结构图 Typical Connection

6.应用场景 Application





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